We have been producing all equipments for dunnage air bags for over 12 years, are a global supplier, and the only supplier able to provide every type of dunnage air bag inflator, dunnage air bag airguns, dunnage air bag adapters to the dunnage air bag industry. 

   As an industry leader we are dedicated to creating the highest quality products, and the best innovations for dunnage bag.

   We manufacture dunnage air bag inflators, spare parts, products and provide solutions for all your dunnage air bag needs. With manufacturing facilities in Turkey, as well as worldwide; we aspire to provide the following:

·         Quality products and services

·         On-time delivery

·         Communication

·         Quality improvement

dunnage bag inflators



       Dunnage bags, with a wide variety of sizes and strengths to meet your shipping requirements. The trapped air inside these lightweight, yet strong and durable air bags provides the needed cushion to protect your load from shock and vibration.

       Dunnage bags are easier and more economical to install than more costly alternatives such as wood bracing because with air bags there’s no carpentry, construction or teardown time to worry about.

       Our production engineers are professionals in plastic products. They have optimized every detail of the product, the production process and the machines. The result is an optimized dunnage bag that can get delivered in time at ver low costs.


  • Insensible against humidity

  • Very flexible to handle

  • Superior strength

  • Fully recycable


dunnage bag inflators


dunnage bag inflators
dunnage bag inflators
dunnage bag inflators
dunnage bag inflators
dunnage bag inflators
dunnage bag inflators

Dunnage air bag ensures the safety, stabilization and protection from damage of your cargo in the container.

with the dunnage air bag, the most suitable method is applied to support and fix the loads by filling the gaps between the pallets.

By using a dunnage  air bag, you will protect your products and avoid the costs of advertising that may arise from transportation damage.

Level1, Level2, Level3 and Level4 the dunnage air bags, which are produced in 4 different levels and in various sizes, are used in truck, container, train and ship lashing applications depending on the need.





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